Physical Benefits of Yoga

Flexibility and Strengthening

Stretching our tight bodies in new ways helps us to become more flexible, allowing a greater range of motion to the joints and muscles. Many yoga poses require the use of our own weight and slow movement in and out of poses helps increase strength. Our bodies become stronger and muscle tone is increased. Yoga postures and poses bring together an alignment of the body and circulation and balance is improved which helps prevent pain and injury.

Breathing (Pranayama)

As we become older, many of us become shallow breathers. By bringing the awareness to the breath, we allow more to be brought into the lungs and the entire body benefits with the fresh flow of oxygen. A calming comes to the body and the mind. With focus on the breath, we are able to deepen our yoga poses which allows more flexibility and a deeper, calming sensation within the nervous system.


By strengthening and stretching our bodies, balance is gained. Our muscles and tendons adjust and react as one in keeping the body aligned. Along with the breath which is calming the mind and bringing an even flow of oxygen within balance is improved.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

By bringing focus and concentration with your body, the mind becomes calm and without distraction. Perspective is gained, clarity is achieved and stress is therefore reduced. By living in the moment, we become free of anticipation of the future. By living in the moment, the past no longer has a hold on us.

Bringing together the breath, the body and the mind will result in an overall sense of well being and overall health improvement. Reduce the stress in your life. Gain insight to that which governs our mind and emotions. Acquire skill to better handle the negative which comes into our minds and our lives.

We cannot change others perspective on life, but we can change ours. A yoga practice guided with properly trained instructors will give each individual the knowledge and confidence to practice anywhere on the mat safely. Whether it be in a studio setting, at home or while traveling, yoga will naturally become a part of your everyday activities.