Breathwork and Sound

Breathwork and Sound with Debbie and Alexza

Sunday,  May 5 • 1:30pm to 3pm

Join us for a unique Breathwork experience as you allow yourself to stop, to let go and to surrender. With this busy month of August, schedule changes, and preparation for the new school year, what better way to cope than to release and relax? This experience of three part breathing is completely guided and combined with music, rattles, chimes, and drums. Singing bowls and Gong with voice complete the experience.

A few of the benefits include:
   • Increases Oxygen to Your Brain and heart and improves the functions of your internal organs.
   • Helps You Detoxify. Up to 70% of toxins are released through deep breathing.
   • Enhances Your Immune System to prevent and recover from illness.
   • Reduces Stress, tension and pain in your body.
   • Releases Endorphins to make you happier and give you a natural high.

$20 suggested, or pay what you can

Breathwork and Sound

Pre-Mothers Day Mini Retreat
Aura Theory and Sound

Friday,  May 10 • 5:30pm to 9pm

Join Debbie Segebart, Wendy Morgan, and Sarah Hodge from Aura Theory for an evening of color and sound! This very special evening will begin with an aura photo session. (The photos above were taken by Sarah before and after a sound bath Wendy attended in April.)
After the photo session, Wendy will offer a sound bath and lead a meditation. Then, a second aura photo will be taken and Sarah will provide a group reading to understand the colors and qualities of our auras.



Cacao and Breathwork with Debbie and Alexza

Friday,  May 24 • 6:30pm to 8pm

Revered as Mother Earth’s heart medicine; the word cacao actually translates to “hearts blood.” Cacao holds the vibrational frequency of the heart and has been used for thousands of years as a healing guide back to the wisdom of our hearts song.

Awaken the sacred connection between you and cacao — unlock your inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance while BREATHING.


Lotus of Life

Lotus of Life Star Matrix Activation

Debbie Dove Segebart and Wendy Morgan are offering Lotus of Life Star Matrix Activation sessions. Together, they will assist you in initiating profound shifts in body, mind, and spirit. This technology offers upgrades in consciousness by anchoring divine love and light frequencies into your field. If this resonates with you, please email and Debbie can set up a time to see if it's right for you.

Intuitively guided in aligning through purity of heart, this work is a body frequency upshift. The Lotus of Life instrument is activated by the body's energy fields. These fields become amplified, the infused frequencies expand, and star consciousness codes are integrated in body and spirit.