Retreat with Debbie Segebart . . .

CLICK HERE for retreat details and to register.

Workshop with Val Saholsky . . .

Make time in the New Year for you and experience the magic of relaxation in this RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOP at Studio D YOGA

Learn techniques to completely relax and find inner peace. Gentle supported movements will guide you to calm and quiet to help release tension and soothe the muscles of your body and mind. Restorative Yoga is for everyone.

Saturday, January 20 • 1:30pm to 3:30 pm
$25 Space is limited

To reserve your space, please mail a check to:
Val Saholsky • P.O. Box 1444 • Midlothian, VA 23113

Please include your contact information when registering.
Please bring a beach or bath towel and a pair of socks to the workshop.

Questions? email

Breathwork with Melissa Centeno . . .

Three Breathwork dates currently scheduled at Studio D YOGA:

Saturday, January 13, 4pm to 5:30pm
Saturday, February 10, 4pm to 5:30pm
Saturday, February 24, 4pm to 5:30pm

Come explore and breathe. “Breathwork” refers to respiratory therapies, rooted in Eastern practices utilized to effectively reduce stress-related illness, heal trauma, depression, heart disease, cancer, and other preventable diseases in a safe and non-invasive way. Through this Pranayama practice you may experience the healing ability innately each one of us has through the simple use of your own breath.

90 minutes.
No experience with Breathwork or meditation is necessary.
All over the age of 12 are welcome.
Please bring a water bottle & eye cover, journal for inspired writing afterward. The studio has yoga mats and blankets but you may also bring your own.
This class is free (donations are accepted and appreciated)

Oneness Blessing with Bonnie Pridgen . . .

The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) is held at Studio D YOGA every Thursday at 7:30pm.

The Oneness Blessing is open to everyone at no cost. Donations are accepted and used to cover the cost of the space.

'Oneness' is the ability to experience our profound connectedness to the Whole of Creation while continuing, with more clarity, to perceive and experience its unique expressions of diversity.

With a background of beautiful music, in a safe and loving environment, we sit or recline and allow ourselves to comfortably observe and /or release, that which keeps us from experiencing Oneness, the joy of being alive and the potential we never dreamed we had. From this awakening, through to our new perspective, our lives and experiences begin to shift naturally.

The Oneness Deeksha is a flow of energy that has the capacity to bring about an immediate and profound shift. It breaks through the entrenched mindset of our often feeling fractionalized inside and so separate from everything outside. As a result we gain a greater sense of wholeness within and connectedness in relationship to the world at large.

The Oneness Deeksha was first experienced in India. Deeksha in Sanskrit is defined as “transmission or blessing”. It can also mean “to initiate something within”, qualities within our potential that were previously dormant or difficult to access. Experiences vary from quite palpable to the very subtle. As we all have a unique composite of life experiences, strengths, wounds, beliefs, talents and stages of personal growth, the Oneness Deeksha brings about a shift in what is most needed at the time:
An expansive shift in perspective in any aspect of our life,
An exhale and release of things that do not serve us,
An uplifting of the spirit,
A quieting of the chatter of the mind,
An awakening to our true potential,
A realization that even when it's painful, it's alright; it will move through,
Causeless peace and joy,
A sense of calm,
The experience of connectedness,
Unconditional love.

Oneness is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self.

Paint Nights with Debbie Segebart are offered several times a year.

Join Debbie for a relaxed evening of painting (yes you can!) and sipping and chatting and laughing.
When the next Paint Night is scheduled, we'll annnounce via Facebook and our website!

Studio Rentals

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